Wudhuk Spray for Travel, Hajj and Umrah


Many of our Muslim brothers and sisters are now travelling more often and to longer distances.

One may ask how do we do abulation in flight or even during Umrah or Hajj where there are many pilgrims in the mosque hence getting up from your place may be difficult or the washroom may be distance away. 

One of the option is by using the Wudhuk Spray ( Abulation Spray). There are few types in the market ranging from 100ml to 200ml bottles. Whichever type, these bottles are convenient, practical and easy to use at any time. 

How to Use Wudhuk Spray

  1. Start with your intentions (Niat Wudhu) 
  2. Spray either on your hand or directly on face and ensure that it drips down. Wash your face throughout
  3. Spray onto the right hand and spread it throughout. Continue the same to the left hand. 
  4. Spray onto the hand and spread it onto the head
  5. Spray onto the right foot, spread it throughout to the ankle and continue with the left foot. 


For reference, do view this video. 






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