Khimars & Mini Telekung

Men's Kurta

From Small to Plus Sizes
Classic Everlasting
Our Cotton classic design which are evergreen for all occasion
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Abaya Faiza
Abaya Fazila
Abaya Fitri
Black Dark Purple White
Abaya Kayla 2.0
White Black Dark Purple Dark Blue
Abaya Keisha
Men's Tapered Pants
Made with Quality Cotton and Available in Variety of Colours
Ihram and Secure Belt
A dual use belt to hold the ihram in place and store phone and tahalul set

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From our customers


Raisya Pocket

My first and more to have it

Sangat selesa, tak perlu pin . Awning lembut dan segalanya Sempurna!

There was a Hidden Pocket too.

Masya Allah Alhamdulillah.

Thank you

Sis Suriati

My Go-to place for me to get my necessary essentials for my umrah. A one-stop location for me to get everything that I need. Alhamdulillah

Sis Lin

It was not easy to find suitable items for Umrah in Japan. I'm glad that I found Hanan Amada and able to purchase quality Hijabs.

Tokyo, Japan

Not only they have all the things we need for Umrah for Ladies but Men as well. Their Kurtas and pant ranges are comfy and of good quality


Their Classic Jubah is a real classic, its minimal ironing and nice embroidery on the material that makes it elegant as well as comfy. Love them