The Last Ten Nights and Days of Ramadan (Lay-Latul Qadr)


Think of all that you need to ask Allah for and ask Him. If you haven’t done so before or not as intense, this is the opportunity to start and to connect with Him and feel closer to Him. And when you do during these last ten nights and days of this Ramadan, you would want to do this again and again – even after the month is over.

And finally, when you are in a state of prayers and worship, do open your heart for others as well and to keep your brothers and sisters in your prayers. Remember what the Prophet said:

“The supplication that gets the quickest answer is the one made by one Muslim for another in his absence.” Reported by Abu Daw’ud and Tirmidhi

May we all make the most of the last ten nights and days of Ramadan

Aamiin aamin aamiin Ya Rabbal Al Amiin




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