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بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ

This have been a very delayed blog about us, Hanan Amada, which we have promised to write on early of this year (sorry for the delay :( ). On Who we are, and what made us start this Journey of Hanan.

Before we begin , we would like to extend our utmost appreciation to each one of you for being a part of us and Alhamdulillah being together with us in this journey. 

What does Hanan Amada Means?
Hanan means Compassion, Love and Kindhearted in Islam whereas Amada in Latin means One Who Loves God or in simple term as Beloved. As such its something that we would want to be instilled in our everyday doings and hold onto them. 

Who are we and how we got here?

Hanan Amada was started by my husband and myself from our Umrah experiences that we had went together with our mother. 

Travelling with an elderly and as well as I'm medically unfit due to Chronic Kidney Disease (Will talk more about it next blog ;)). It posed as a challenge and a lot of uncertainties in our preparation.
Through all the preparations and challenges and also perhaps what I called it as an eye (& heart) opener from Allah SWT during Umrah, when we came back we wanted to do something that's beneficial to Jemaah and Insha Allah ease their affairs. To get their necessities and essentials in one place or even as a gift for those travelling for Umrah and Hajj, Insha Allah. At the same time meeting with other, sharing each other experiences.

  • Clothings
Prior to our Umrah Journey, our mom who have went for Umrah previously with our late dad wanted to wear identical set with me. And as she used to be a seamstress who took orders for sewing previously, she is quite particular in what she wants, the design and the material. (She doesn't really sew now due to her getting on age)
Ohh, a note is that our mom is of fun and plump size while I as I was just coming 2 years post operation, my side effect of medication causes me to swell and certain requirements needed to ensure my comfortability. Hence finding the right fit for both of us were hard.  We searched a lot of places here and ended up purchasing overseas, though it's not exactly what she had in mind but could make do of. 
  • Cracked Heels
One of the item that we never realised that is required is Heel Cream. We thought we have prepared sufficient to go based on what family and friends told us. 
Never did we imagine that since guys can't wear any socks or coverings for feet, their sole will get dry easily and tendency to crack is relatively high. This happen to my partner.

His feet gotten dry and cracked during Umrah as the chemical used to clean the Mataf and Sa'ie area are quite strong and if you don't go back to the hotel after prayer or Umrah to wash the feet before heading out, it tends to eat into the skin. Slowly his soles tends to dry and crack. It hurts to take Wudhuk coz of the pain
( of course everyone challenges is different there, but prevention better than cure)
  • Experiences
Everyone's trip to the Holy land is different. Some may be challenged prior to their trip, some while there and some not at all. All this challenges depends on how each one takes it.

If positively, it's to strengthen your Faith (Iman) and work on the weaknesses. If negatively, it can affect oneself and those surrounding.
We always advise to think positively as everything happens for a reason.

As for myself, a Kidney Transplant patient due to Chronic Kidney Disease there are a lot of things for me and my husband (my donor, alhamdulillah) have to take note of. 
  • Environment : As I have no immune, I have to be careful with my surroundings
  • Toilet breaks : After transplant, you tend to go toilet more often so just imagine in the bus from Medina to Mekkah, the worry if you just need to relief yourself.
  • Tiredness: For those who aren't well, you will know and your body will tell you when you are tired and just need to bedrest. 
  • Medications : Lots of medications and ensure they are taken on time
  • Doctors : Clearance and letters to allow me to perform Umrah. ( In case of emergency, the letters can be shown to hospital there as well)
However, one of my personal motto is Everything happens for a Reason and Only Allah Knows Best. Hence no matter what came our way, we believe HE will protect us the best in his way.

What Kept us Going?

We always fall back on these. Intention and Family

The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) said: “Verily actions are by intentions, and for every person is what he intended. So the one whose ‘hijrah’ (migration) was to Allah and His Messenger, then his ‘hijrah’ was to Allah and His Messenger. And the one whose ‘hijrah’ was for the world to gain from it, or a woman to marry her, then his ‘hijrah’ was for what he made ‘hijrah’ for.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]
With that, thank you for reading this long blog about us. We hope that we are able to reach out to the Community in providing quality apparels and essentials at out One-Stop place as well sharing each other experiences and informations about Hajj, Umrah and Travel not only from general view but personal as well. 


Insha Allah, more blogs to be shared soon. 
Hanan Amada  

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