Taking Care of Satin Shawl

Most of us would have at least 2-3 satin scarves in our cupboard. But do we really know how to take care of them and maintain the glossy look of it?

Likewise for our Satin scarves, Ameera Eyelash Satin Shawl are elegant and luxurious but what is the best way to take care of them?


Wash or Dry Clean?

Satin refers to a smooth and glossy fabric that can be woven from many different fibers ranging from wool to polyester to cotton to silk or rayon. The glossy look is created by weaving threads so that four warp threads float over one weft thread rather than the basic one over and one under of a standard weave. These floating threads with less interlacing creates the shimmery look. Also, during the process, the woven material is run through hot cylinders to add even more shine.
Originally all satin fabrics were woven from silk only. The process originated in China in the 12th century and was shipped from the port city of Zayton which spurred the name, satin. 


Tips For Washing Satin 

  • Due to the delicate weave, satin clothes or sheets should be handwashed or on the delicate care on your washing machine. Always use a cold water wash and rinse and a gentle detergent.

  • If hand washing, do not wring or twist the satin fabric. Gently swish through the cleaning and rinse water.

  • Do not dry on high heat in a tumble dryer. 

  • Satin scarves should be dried flat away from direct heat and sunlight to prevent damaging and weakening the long fibers.

  • If ironing is needed, iron on low to medium heat setting on the non-glossy side of the fabric.

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