• Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
  • Suchi Aisyah Set
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Suchi Aisyah Set

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Suchi Travel Essentials are your must have for every Umrah and Hajj. Its something that most pilgrims will take lightly and forget about however based on our experiences there, these items are a must have. 

Packaged in a Toiletries Bag for you to hang in washroom. 

Why must have??

Its Ihram Friendly, no alcohol, no perfume and made of natural ingredients. 

Halal ingredients, use Without was-was

    • Hotel body wash a generally added with a tinge of perfume to add that nice smelling making you feel fresh and clean. With ours, heading for a wash before or during ihram is convenient. 
    • Having lips being dry and peeling is never a great feeling when you travel and especially in Umrah or Haj. Protect your lips with our lip balm
    • Perfume free Deodorant and keeping you fresh for 8 hours.
    • Feel refreshed with Suchi toothpaste made of natural ingredients and no sea shells extracts used.

    • Hand and Body Lotion is enriched with Olive Oil extracts, Aloe Vera, Sunflower Oil and Peppermint. These extracts can maintain skin moisture and treat dry and peeling skin.

Package include

  • 50ml Body wash
  • Lip Balm Nuur
  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste
  • 50ml Lotion
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